Accessible Venice

On this page you can find information regarding the mobility of disabled visitors.


Venice has two railway stations: Santa Lucia and Mestre. Both stations have ramps and toilets accessible for disabled people as well as a service center called CAD (Assistance Center for Disabled Travellers).
CAD can provide you with ticket information as well as reservations for disabled seats on trains. Moreover you can request personal assistance to help you get in/out of trains and/or stations, take you to a connecting train or take you up or down the stairs in wheelchair lifters or elevators (in stations with facilities).

For more information go to the Trenitalia, Italotreno


From Marco Polo Airport yon can take bus 15. This bus is designed to accomodate disabled people and within a few minutes you will arrive in the center of the city.
If you want to go to Mestre, you will have to take bus 15 which also provides you with these same services.

At the airport, there are service centers for disabled travellers.
Disabled travellers can ask for assistance, free of charge, to help with check–in formalities and boarding of the plane.
The airport has wheelchairs and staff especially dedicated to these services.
See more at: www.veniceairport.it


If you want to travel to Venice by car, you can park in the Municipal Car Park at Piazzale Roma or in the Sant'Andrea Car Park. There are 10 spaces in the former, and 2 spaces in the latter, available for cars displaying an orange disabled sticker.


Venice has three different ports:
– The Cruise Port
– The Ferry Port
– The Hydrofoil Port
For disabled people, getting around Venice is not an easy task. Venice is known as the city of canals, which means that it has lots of bridges (over 400). This can be challenging for disabled people. On this website you can find a list of "facilities" to overcome these obstacles and make your visit to Venice more pleasant.


  • Public Transport Services
    Boat transport is free for the wheelchair–bound
  • Boat services
Without a doubt, Venice is more accessible than you might think. All ports have facilities to help disabled people. Problems may occur however, during high tides as the access ramps may slope excessively.
Lines 1 and 82 cover the majority of routes in the city, and can carry up to two wheelchairs at a time, always with personal assistance.

  • Bus Services "Bus Facile"(Easy Bus)
A service which guarantees that all urban bus routes operated by lines 2, 4, 4/, 5, 6/ and 15 (covering a large part of the mainland and guaranteeing a connection with Venice) operate with buses with low floors and pull-out platforms.

Venice City Council has created a transportation service for the disabled, to help them get around the city and its surroundings. Depending on your request, minibuses, cars and boats with facilities for the disabled are available. Transport can be arranged for trips of all different purposes: for education, for work or for leisure. To get to the city of Venice, disabled people can also request personal assistance to accompany them from their home to where the means of transportion is located.

Renting cars and motorboats
In Mestre and in Venice, you can rent a vehicle (a driver is available at request) equipped to transport disabled people (cars, minibuses or motorboats), but this must be reserved several days in advance.
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Gondolas, canals, lights and colors ... this is Venice, the ancient city on the water, known worldwide for its architectural beauty and its mysterious and romantic atmosphere.


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