Chiesa del Redentore

This is another creation of the architect Palladio. It dates back to the sixteenth century, and since then the church has been the centre of the celebration known as the "Festa del Redentore" ("the Redeemer's Feast"), which takes place every July.

The church was born "ex voto" to save the Venetians from the plague, and then when the epidemic was over, the celebration was created.

In the Redentore, Palladio found the perfect solution to the problem of joining a dome to an extended nave - he used clearly defined sequences of different spaces to fuse all of the architectural elements together.  

The Redentore church was built by the year 1576, after a serious pandemic in Venice (1575–76). It was designed as a shelter to assure the town’s salvation from future epidemics. It’s a Renaissance–style church designed by Palladio.

The Redentore is a masterpiece of architectural techniques, harmony and a perfect balance of elements. The church has a longitudinal shape and it’s formed of one single nave. Two bell towers are placed on the sides of the cupola, which has a resemblance to that by Brunelleschi in Florence. Like the other buildings designed by Palladio, light illuminates all of the interior of the church.

Every year (3rd Sunday of July) there is a procession in the name of the Redentore, to remember the historical and tragic plague.

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Gondolas, canals, lights and colors ... this is Venice, the ancient city on the water, known worldwide for its architectural beauty and its mysterious and romantic atmosphere.


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