The festival of Redentore

(July 20th-21st, 2013)

The city celebrates the Festival of the Redentore on every third Sunday of July. It is both a religious and a secular festival, which is much loved by Venetians.

It commemorates the end of an epidemic plague which occurred during the second half of XVII° century. History tells that the plague was brought back from the Orient by commercial traders. Doge Venier promised to build a new church once the Serenissima had managed to escape the plague. When the plague finished, the Doge kept his promise and in 1592 comissioned Palladio to build the church.

The former church was made of wood but was finished very quickly according to Palladio's design. Every year, on the anniversary of the construction of the Church, many boats decorated with lights leave from the bridge of St. Mark Square and sail towards the church. People walk on a special temporary bridge assembled on floating platforms, that connects Venice to the island of Giudecca. In this way, Venetians who don't have a boat can reach the Church of Redentore by foot. People usually enjoy the festival by drinking wine and eating "Saor", a traditional Venetian dish.
The celebration begins in the morning and ends at midnight, when coloured fireworks illuminate the whole of the St. Mark's area and its beautiful buildings.

Nowadays the festival of the Redentore is also an occasion for young people to spend a pleasant and romantic day on boat. It's possible to stay in St. Mark's Square, but Venetians generally prefer to be on the island of Giudecca. There, families sit in the open air and eat near the shore or celebrate the festival directly on boats.

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Gondolas, canals, lights and colors ... this is Venice, the ancient city on the water, known worldwide for its architectural beauty and its mysterious and romantic atmosphere.


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