Venice's Gondole

Two gondole

Venice's gondole

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When one thinks of Venice, the first thing that comes to mind is, perhaps, the typical Gondola, instead of the museums, statues or food that the city also offers to visitors. For Venice, the gondola is of equal importance as the Colosseum is for Rome, or the Eiffel Tower is for Paris.

The gondola has been one of the main means of transportation in Venice over the last 500 years and nowadays it is used by tourists who want to visit the city from the canals; some Gondola are even private property of the gondoliers.

Around the year 1500, about a thousand Gondola were in use in the city. Today, there are approximately two hundred Gondola navigating the canals of Venice and they look very different if compared to those used in the past. The word "Gondola" was mentioned for the first time in an official document dating back to 1904.

The original name mentioned was "gondulam", which probably comes from the Latin word "cymbula" (little boat) or "cuncula" (a small shell), but these are just theories for which there is currently no evidence.

Since there are no useful documents to help us to reconstruct its appearance, we can use some of the first drawings of the gondola, to give us an idea of how they looked in the late 15th century. 

They have been modified throughout the centuries and these changes were a part of a process of evolution and adaptation to different means of transport.

The first images of a real Gondola can be found in Bellini, Carpaccio and Mansueti's paintings. At first, the gondola was not so different from other boats, but at the end of 16th century they started to be slimmer and longer.

Some of them had a "felze", a covering or roof that gave them the appearance of a water carriage.

These types of gondola were probably made for wealthy people.
Throughout the centuries, the gondola underwent further changes and in the 18th century it began to look like the boat that we know today.

The ferro

Gondola's ferro

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One of the most characteristc features of the Venetian gondola is its front ornament, called ferro ("iron" in Italian). This comb-shaped piece of metal serves as counterweight to the gondolier who stands at the rear, but it has also a decorative and symbolic purpose: the overall shape of the ferro is an "S", representing the shape of the Grand Canal, the main waterway of the city; each of the six teeth of the front part of the comb represents a sestiere (the sestieri are Venice's six quarters), while the little arch above them refers to the Rialto bridge; the back-facing tooth represents the Giudecca Canal.

The black long boat consists of 280 pieces made from different types of wood. The lenght of the Gondola is 11 metres (36 ft) and the weight is 600 kilos (1,320 lbs). Thanks to its asymmetrical outline, it can be driven with lightness and easiness by a single man with a single oar.

According to Venetian law, only men born in Venice have the possibility to become a Gondolier (oarsman). The oar moves inside an oar lock known as forcola, which has a complex shape that allows gondoliers to handle their boat with precision on the Venetian canals, which are sometimes very narrow. It is used to go forward, turn, slow down and row in reverse. The front ornament known as the ferro has more uses besides being an ornament: the first is to protect the front from accidental damage and the second is to act as a counterweight for back of the boat, which is where the Gondolier steers.

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